Surgical Center

Bringing the American Standard to Nigeria!

ROA Surgical Center and Clinics was modeled after the surgical center in the USA operated by our chairman Dr. Rex O. Ajayi; he is a practicing Urological Surgeon in the USA; his son Dr. Abiola Ajayi is the Managing Director/C.E.O of ROA Surgical Center in Arepo (outskirt of Lagos) Nigeria.


  • Standard X-ray facilities
  • Fluoroscopy (Image intensifier) – real time x-ray and soft-tissue visualization (contrast)
  • Scan (Ultrasound).
  • Fully functioning Laboratory services.
  • In house Pharmacy/Dispensary.
  • Fibroid Therapy and Evaluation and Surgery (If necessary)
  • Prostate Evaluation – BPH or Prostate CA evaluations – scan, biopsy, PSA, TURP (non invasive surgical treatment), radioactive seed implants*
  • Erectile Dysfunction / Premature Ejaculation testing and “approved” cures
  • Uroflow / PVR / Cystometrogram /Urodynamic Urology advanced urinary system evaluation
  • Infertility Testing – including HSG – Hysterosalpingogram (Fallopian tube testing)
  • Male or Female Infertility Testing – IVF* counseling / preparation
  • (CTG) – Cardiotocography – In utero (in the womb) monitoring of a baby
  • (ECG) – Electrocardiography – Monitoring of Cardiac (heart) electrical activity
  • Endoscopy / Laparoscopy * / Cystoscopy / Colonoscopy / Sigmoidoscopy – Non-invasive surgery and diagnostic testing
  • Barium Studies – Peptic Ulcer disease, Gastric (stomach) cancer, Diverticulosis, Chronic Constipation, Colon Cancer
  • Paralysis treatment – surgical correction, rehabilitation, Neurosurgery (Brain/Spine)
  • Physiotherapy / Specialized nursing – we provide most services in the hospital and in your home if requested. We offer Drop off / Pick-Up service as necessary.

Bringing the American Standard to Nigeria!