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Bringing American Standard

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ROA Specialist Hospital
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ROA Specialist Hospital (CAC – ROA Surgical Center and Clinics) is the culmination of a family dream to achieve the once unachievable in a previously rural area. When the Chairman and the Chairwoman bought their Arepo property years ago the end vision has always been clear, however, the journey has been one challenge after another.

With the arrival of their eldest son, now MD/CEO, those challenges have been identified and met one by one. Dedicated to the service of humanity in 2012, ROA has slowly evolved from an out-patient mission hospital to a full-service and well equipped medical complex.

First came the outpatient surgery center and clinic; which now boasts 5 operating theatres and 7 consultation rooms. 24 bed inpatient facilities quickly followed. Currently, it is easier to list the facilities ROA does not have than to provide an all-encompassing list.


  • Standard X-ray facilities
  • Fluoroscopy (Image intensifier) – real time x-ray and soft-tissue visualization (contrast)
  • Scan (Ultrasound).
  • Fully functioning Laboratory services.
  • In house Pharmacy/Dispensary.
  • Fibroid Therapy and Evaluation and Surgery (If necessary)
  • Prostate Evaluation – BPH or Prostate CA evaluations – scan, biopsy, PSA, TURP (non invasive surgical treatment), radioactive seed implants*
  • Erectile Dysfunction / Premature Ejaculation testing and “approved” cures
  • Uroflow / PVR / Cystometrogram /Urodynamic Urology advanced urinary system evaluation
  • Infertility Testing – including HSG – Hysterosalpingogram (Fallopian tube testing)
  • Male or Female Infertility Testing – IVF* counseling / preparation
  • (CTG) – Cardiotocography – In utero (in the womb) monitoring of a baby
  • (ECG) – Electrocardiography – Monitoring of Cardiac (heart) electrical activity
  • Endoscopy / Laparoscopy * / Cystoscopy / Colonoscopy / Sigmoidoscopy – Non-invasive surgery and diagnostic testing
  • Barium Studies – Peptic Ulcer disease, Gastric (stomach) cancer, Diverticulosis, Chronic Constipation, Colon Cancer
  • Paralysis treatment – surgical correction, rehabilitation, Neurosurgery (Brain/Spine)
  • Physiotherapy / Specialized nursing – we provide most services in the hospital and in your home if requested. We offer Drop off / Pick-Up service as necessary.

Bringing the American Standard to Nigeria!